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Air Heater

These kinds of heating elements used for air/gas, are commonly used in ovens, autoclaves and ducts and can be manufactured in several ways including tubular elements, coil wire of alloy Ni-Cr, finned helicoidally and/or rectangular. Typical applications for air heaters are dryers, curing, thermoforming, air conditioning, static air heaters, shrink plastic ovens, tables or hot cupboards etc.
Air Heaters

Tubular Heaters

These are the most versatile heating elements and are best suited to a wide variety of applications. These elements can be made to almost any bespoke specification, shape or size. These are seen to be the foundation of all heating elements and have a strong outer sheath to assist the element from any physical stress. The use of the highest quality of alloys allows an efficient and effective transfer of heat.
Tubular Heaters