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Maxwell 1 Phase Solid State Relay – MS-1DA

We here at Thermelec are the exclusive suppliers of Maxwell Solid State Relays. We offer a variety of relays with both DC and AC Control, in either 10A, 25A, 40A and 60A load. All models are the same universal standard size and all come with a protective cover for safety. Each relay has a quick response time and zero cross function, they are very robust and all come with a chassis mount.
Maxwell 1 Phase Solid State Relay

Maxwell HeatSink for Relay – MW

We also offer a variety of Heatsinks that are compatible with our single phase solid state relays. We provide a heatsink compatibility for 10A &25A single phase SSR’s, 40A single phase SSR’s and 60A single phase SSR’s.
Maxwell HeatSink for Relay

Solid State Relays (SSR)

Watlow solid state relays (SSR) offer many of the advantages of solid state power controllers, but at a lower cost. SSRs contain a special fast cycle input card which enables it to work from a standard 4-20mA command signal. The zero-cross SSR combined with the fast cycle input card promote a longer heater life as well as improved temperature control. Available from 24 to 660VAC, these AC output models not only include back-to-back silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs), but the internal design allows the SSR to tolerate high currents and severe electrical environments. The device also offers Belleville washers which ensure the relay is able to be mounted with sufficient pressure that also enables good heat transfer.
Solid State Relays (SSR)

DIN-A-MITE® Devices

The DIN-A-MITE series offer a host of Watlow power controllers that include many properties such as SCR controls, wiring, heat sink and a touch safe exterior, all in one package. This allows you to determine adequate terminations, find the heat sink for rated amperage and all done without the need to prep wires for terminals. The sheer simplicity and easy installation, minimal prep time and engineering mean you get the complete package which can be installed and forgotten about, knowing that everything is done for you.
Watlow DIN-A-MITE Devices

Power Series™

The Watlow power series is a microprocessor-based device that offers unrivalled application flexibility, with the option of both single and three-phase models from 65 to 250 amperes. The on-board semiconductor fusing protects the SCR from heater short circuits, plus initial start up problems are eliminated with an on-board bakeout and control diagnostics, all of which are within a touch-safe package that can be mounted quickly in a control cabinet.
Watlow Power Series™