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Numeric Displays (DN Models)

Here at Thermelec we offer a variety of DN models, where the digits height ranges from 57mm to 250mm with a corresponding reading distance of 30m to 120m. We provide 1, 2 and 4 sided displays that can use 2 to 10 digits. High brightness LED’s can be used for outdoor application and stainless steel enclosures can also be provided. There is also a change of colour available according to the value shown. These displays have a varying degree of input/communication possibilities such as temperature (PT100, Thermocouple), Process (10V, 20mA), BCD, Counter, Tachometer etc.
Numeric Displays (DN Models)

Alphanumeric Displays (DT Models)

DT Models can also be supplied, here character height can be either 30mm, 50mm and 100mm with a corresponding reading distance of 20m, 30m and 50m respectively. These can have 1 or 2 sided displays and can have 1 to 8 lines of information and a varying amount of characters (size dependant). High brightness LED’s for outdoor application can also be supplied as well stainless stell enclosures for special applications. These messages can either be programmed or on-line messages.
Alphanumeric Displays (DT Models)

DOT Matrix Graphic Displays (DMG Series)

The DMG Series indicators are displays that are visualisation displays made with several high brightness LED’s matrix modules. These have a large storage memory and work autonomously once configured. They can be 1 or 2 sided and can have it’s intensity adjusted. This device also has the availablilty of a remote control for the selection of stored content. Outdoor models have a 14mm pitch, high brightness LED’s (Amber, Red, Green, Blue or White) and a varying degree of pixilation from 7*95 to 32*128pixels. Indoor models have a 7.6mm pitch and a tricolour LED Matrix (Red, Green and Amber). The pixels range from 7*95 to 24*160 Pixels.
DOT Matrix Graphic Displays

Environmental Displays (DC Series)

The DC series display provide information with different models on environmental variables such as temperature, C02, humidity as well as GPS synchronized clocks. These have displays and slave displays, with many communication protocols available to fit your needs.
Environmental Displays